perfect for teens
125cc rfn thunder

The Thunder 125cc certainly packs a punch with a top speed of over 45mph!

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      rfn 125cc thunder pit bike

      The RFN 125cc dirt bike replaces it's well established and proven RFZ racing predecessor.

      The RFN 125 features a genuine YX125cc dirt bike with an upgrade to electric start as well as kick start back up. The bike also feaures a big wheel upgrade of 17" front and 14" rear wheels.

      All in all, we are confident that no other proven brand of dirt bike on the market at this price point. That offers a spec nor finish quality to match this stunning bike.

      The 125cc RFN Thunder Kids Dirt Bike boasts a genuine YX brand engine, electric start and VOLT™ V-ONE suspension. Built with teens or more experinced riders in mind. It is equipped with a manual 4 speed transmission, race style exhaust and the latest technology 32mm tubular and profiled frame.