No Fuel, No Fuss, No Noise
1100w renegade quads

The Renegade 1100w 48v kids electric quad bike is the second quad in the fantastic line up of Renegade quads.

Red 1100W Renegade Electric Quad
Small boy riding a red electric quad bike on a field


      These little quads are the ideal starter quads for small children and are extremely safe thanks to an easily adjustable speed limiter. Three approximate speed settings of slow (5mph) medium (9mph) or fast (18mph).

      The great benefit of this quad is a fully automatic electric motor. Meaning it is very easy for children to use and emits pretty much no noise annoyance for the neighbours.

      The Renegade 1100W Kids Quad Bikes are a great "First" Quad for little Off Roaders and offer exceptional value for money.